Amazon HQ2 Green Wall Project

Amazon held a press event in their HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia, for the first time. Usually, Amazon’s events are somewhat unpredictable, but this time, they delivered exactly what the audience expected. They shared details on their new AI-powered updates for Amazon smart home and Alexa and showed off their new Fire tablets, security devices, and Fire TV Soundbar.

Aside from the exciting updates and products, viewers were treated to a beautiful sight on stage. Most corporations create and design their event stages with screens. While the screens have their benefits, they can be boring and feel a little too cold and unwelcoming. So, this year, Amazon opted for a large screen sandwiched between two beautiful living green walls.

District Green Plants is proud to say we created their green wall vision! If you’d like our team to add life to your event with a green wall, holiday decorations, interior plantscaping, or exterior landscaping in your commercial space, contact us today.

What is a green wall?

Green walls are vertical garden structures with different plants and greenery attached. Usually, the plants are potted in a growth medium consisting of water, stone, and soil – some even have built-in irrigation systems.

But in the case of Amazon’s product launch, it was a temporary green wall that we adorned with pre-grown and pre-potted real plants. They didn’t have to wait months for their plants to mature, fill in the gaps, and cover the hardware underneath.

Live walls are more than just a 3D decorative feature; they are living ecosystems that contribute to the health and wellness of indoor environments. They purify the air, reduce noise pollution, and even boost mental health with their calming presence.

Role of green walls in modern events

A living plant wall has become a symbol of the ‘going green’ mantra sweeping across industries. In the context of events, they represent a commitment to eco-consciousness and a step towards more sustainable event management.

By integrating green wall panels, Amazon proved that it cares about its carbon footprint while offering attendees a unique and immersive experience.

Green wall creation process by District Green Plants

  • Initial contact and consultation

The collaboration began when District Green Plants was approached with the vision of integrating a natural element into Amazon’s HQ2 product launch. During our initial consultations, we discussed their vision in detail, focusing on the importance of aligning the green wall plant design with Amazon’s innovative brand and the specific theme of the event.
  • Site assessment

Our team conducted a thorough site assessment at the Amazon headquarters. We evaluated the staging area, considering indoor lighting, audience flow, air circulation, and backdrop requirements. This ensured that the green walls would prominently be displayed and complement the high-tech environment.
  • Design phase

In the design phase, we created a concept that would resonate with Amazon’s cutting-edge technology. We chose plant species that thrive indoors and reflected Amazon’s colors and branding. The design was intended to be a living embodiment of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.
  • Approval and finalization

After presenting our design to Amazon’s event team, we collaborated to refine the concept. Their feedback was invaluable in finalizing a design that was both functional for the event space and striking to the attendees.
  • Preparation and cultivation

Leading up to the event, we meticulously prepared and cultivated the plants, ensuring they would be lush and vibrant on the launch day. The plants were acclimatized to conditions similar to venue conditions to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Installation

The installation was strategically planned to coincide with the event setup. Our team worked efficiently to assemble the green wall systems, ensuring they were a seamless addition to the stage and ready for the spotlight during the product launch.
  • Maintenance

Throughout the launch, our team was on hand to ensure the green walls remained pristine, making real-time adjustments as needed to maintain their vitality and appearance. This included watering, pruning, and adjusting the lighting.

For longer events, this maintenance can be scheduled as part of the service.

  • Dismantling

Once the event concluded, the green walls were carefully dismantled. In line with Amazon’s and our sustainability goals, we ensured that the plants and materials were responsibly repurposed, leaving no waste behind.

Call District Green Plants to do your green wall

As we look towards the future of events, green walls stand out as a key element in the evolution of event design. They offer a sustainable solution that marries aesthetics with environmental responsibility. At District Green Plants, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing green wall solutions that are as scalable as they are impactful.

Contact District Green Plants today at (703) 967-1827, and let’s create a living masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend. We also offer commercial holiday decorations, interior plantscaping, exterior landscaping, and specialty lighting.

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