Restaurant plantscaping

District Green Plants is the premier source for top-quality interior plantscaping services. We specialize in providing business and property managers with sustainable and beautiful plant selections to enhance the beauty of their indoor spaces.

Our team of expert plant technicians has 15 years of experience creating customized indoor plant designs to suit each of our commercial clients’ unique needs. We understand that every business has its own character, so we’ll work closely with you to develop a custom exterior or interior plantscaping plan that perfectly complements your company’s style and aesthetic.

How we add plants to restaurant spaces

When enhancing restaurant spaces, District Green Plants goes beyond mere aesthetics. Our approach intertwines indoor plants with your unique restaurant theme, creating a dynamic and memorable environment. Here’s how we manage to create alluring dining spaces:

Complementing your restaurant’s theme

Each restaurant has a unique character and style. Our team meticulously selects plants and containers that align with and accentuate your interior design. Whether your restaurant boasts a modern, Scandinavian, or Mediterranean theme, we ensure that the chosen plants and containers seamlessly integrate with your décor.

This includes considering the shapes, sizes, and types of plants that resonate with your space. For example, geometrically shaped plants like snake plants for modern interiors or lush, blooming flowers for more traditional settings.

Influencing customer experience

Our interior plantscaping does more than just decorate; it shapes customer experiences. By strategically placing potted plants with beautiful green leaves, we can create intimate, comfortable spaces that encourage diners to linger and enjoy.

In bustling city restaurants, a green commercial space can provide a much-needed respite, attracting customers seeking a natural retreat.

Functional and structural use of plants

We don’t just see plants as decorative elements; they play a functional role in defining your restaurant’s space. When they are properly placed, they can divide areas, create privacy, and guide movement within the restaurant. This thoughtful placement ensures plants contribute to your space’s overall flow and functionality.

Lighting enhancements

Lighting plays a crucial role in highlighting our plantscapes. We use directional lighting to emphasize the plants’ natural beauty, creating a visually stunning space appealing to diners. Combining plants and lights, like simple string lights or specific fixtures, adds a dynamic layer to the restaurant’s ambiance.

Making plants the focal point

At District Green Plants, we believe in the power of plants to transform a space. Our designs often make plants the centerpiece of your restaurant’s interior, creating striking visual impacts. Whether it’s a ceiling adorned with climbing plants, a statement tree, or innovative green walls, our plantscapes are designed to captivate and enchant your customers.

Our process

Below is the creation process we go through:

Complimentary evaluation and consultation

Our journey begins with a complimentary evaluation and consultation. This initial step is crucial, as it allows us to understand your vision, preferences, and the unique characteristics of your restaurant space. We measure and photograph your property, ensuring every aspect is considered for the perfect interior plantscaping design.

Design presentation and proposal

Following the evaluation, we present a comprehensive design proposal. This includes plant palettes, visual references, and a tailored approach that aligns with your restaurant’s theme and style. Whether you’re looking for lush tropical settings, blooming plantscapes, or low-maintenance elegance with horticultural replicas, our proposals will cater to your needs.


Upon approval of the proposal, we schedule and execute the installation. Our team ensures a seamless process, causing minimal disruption to your daily operations. All installations are carried out by professional, courteous staff trained to handle every aspect of the process, from plant placement to ensuring containers are sealed to prevent damage.

Benefits of plants in a restaurant

Incorporating plants into a restaurant’s interior can significantly enhance the dining experience for customers, positively impacting the establishment’s bottom line. Here are the key benefits:

Atmosphere and branding

Plants are crucial in establishing a restaurant’s intended atmosphere and brand identity. The strategic placement of planters and flowers can create intimate spaces, convey specific themes, and add vibrant pops of color, contributing to a more inviting and memorable dining environment. This can lead to increased customer retention and spending.

Enhanced customer happiness and stress reduction

Nature’s presence in a restaurant setting can uplift mood and reduce stress among diners. Studies have shown that environments with plants increase happiness and decrease feelings of sadness. This improved customer satisfaction can lead to better reviews and enhanced loyalty toward the dining establishment.

Increased spending

Research indicates that customers are willing to spend more in environments surrounded by beautiful plants. Well-maintained landscapes can encourage diners to linger longer and spend more during their visit, positively influencing the restaurant’s revenue.

Noise reduction

Leafy plants can absorb and reduce noise, addressing one of the most common restaurant complaints about loud environments. This can enhance the dining experience, leading to a higher perception of the restaurant’s quality.

Improved staff productivity and satisfaction

Indoor restaurant plants also positively impact the staff. Access to greenery can reduce stress, improve job satisfaction, and boost productivity, ultimately enhancing customer service.

Boosted curb appeal

Plants improve a restaurant’s curb appeal, creating a strong first impression that can attract more customers. Our commercial landscaping service and green spaces can significantly elevate the perceived value of the establishment in the eyes of potential diners.

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