Interior Plantscaping

  • Lease or Purchase of Interior Plants and Containers
  • Specialty Arrangements and Living Art
  • Living Walls and Moss Walls
  • Service and Maintenance

We provide lease, purchase and service for all your interior plant needs. Science recognizes that employees, tenants and customers are healthier, happy and more productive when living plants are introduced into your spaces. Knowing this, we will work with you to pick the perfect plants and containers to fit your needs and your budget. Call us to set up a free consultation walkthrough. Interior plantscaping is what we do!

Exterior Landscaping

  • Purchase of Exterior Plants and Containers
  • Seasonal Flower Rotations
  • Living Walls, Green Roofs & Rooftop Gardens
  • Service, watering and Maintenance

We install and maintain outdoor plants and landscaping. We work with you to enhance your landscape areas and create a plan that fits your needs perfectly. Whether you need cleanups, a onetime transformative installation or seasonal rotations and regular watering, we are here to help. Call us to set up a free consultation walkthrough.

Holiday Décor​

  • Interior Trees, Wreaths, Branch Displays and More
  • Exterior Decorations, Live-Tree Strand Lighting Wraps and Displays
  • Poinsettias, Seasonal Arrangements and Live Plant Tenant Gifts

Choose from a premade theme or request your own custom designs for everything from a handful of poinsettias to full scale displays. We have trees, scenes, props, wreaths, wall charms, branch displays, seasonal lighting and so much more. Whether it’s interior or exterior, simply give us a call to set up a free consultation walkthrough.


Specialty Lighting

  • Programmable Displays
  • Seasonal Lighting Displays
  • Large Scale Exterior Trees
  • Programmable LED color-changing trees

We provide a vast array of programmable and non-programmable lighting products and displays to suit any season. As a result, we are able to offer an incredible selection of customizable displays. Whatever your needs are, we will help you design, create, install and maintain a custom lighting display that will activate and beautify your space. Call us to set up a free consultation walkthrough.


Restaurant Plantscaping

  • Specialty plant arrangements
  • Seasonal plant displays
  • Plant leasing options

We offer a vast array of customizable plantscaping solutions to suit your restaurant’s unique needs. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance, our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation walkthrough and transform your restaurant into a botanical oasis.


Plant Leasing

  • Maintenance free
  • Stress free
  • Plant rental options

We offer plant leasing and plant rental options, to suit any season or decor. With this wide range, we provide customizable plant displays that can transform and enhance any space. Whether you need assistance with design, installation, or ongoing maintenance, our team is here to help! Call us today to schedule a free consultation and walkthrough.