Interior Plantscaping Washington, DC

Interior Plantscaping in Washington, DC, is an increasing trend among DC residents. This service involves decorating and maintaining offices and commercial buildings with specific types of plants and holiday decor. 

Interior plantscaping design services offer businesses the opportunity to create a warm and inviting entrance to potential clients, employees, and visitors.  Innovative plant environments are a great way of changing the look and feel of your business space. 

Planting green walls in your building lobby is an excellent way to unite your exterior and interior spaces. With our range of design services, District Green Plants professionals will breathe new life into your Washington DC space.

Below are some of the benefits of having indoor plants along with services our plant care technicians provide.

Plantscaping Services

District Green Plants can provide replica plants that require minimal upkeep and maintenance.

We offer plant services for commercial spaces in the DC and Northern Virginia areas.  After consulting with our professionals, we’ll install these beautiful plants ensuring that they meet your desired design goals.

Benefits of Interior Plantscaping in Washington, DC

Adding office plants will improve air quality. Even desk plants help filter the air and rid your building of other pollutants responsible for making employees ill. Generally, higher oxygen levels mean less stress and happy employees.

When plant installation is done right, it results in a positive attitude that improves productivity throughout your workforce. To realize this benefit, it’s crucial for employees to experience the green spaces.

By increasing the curb appeal of your business, it helps to attract new customers.

With the right plants, indoor plantscaping makes a bold visual statement at a lower cost than with expensive furniture and elaborate architectural designs. Even better, plant maintenance such as watering and pruning, are services that our professionals provide. 

Since plants come in a range of beautiful greens and colors, it’s easier than ever before to update your building’s aesthetics. Aside from this, other interior plantscaping benefits include:

Excellent Commercial Spaces for Interior Plantscaping 

District Green Plants installs various low-maintenance plants in professional offices and condo buildings throughout Washington DC and the DMV area, including indoor trees and shrubs. We will always try to use locally sourced plants that can thrive and survive in these areas.

Some businesses best suited for Interior Plantscaping include:

Maintenance and Upkeep of Plantscaping

District Green Plants will help you choose plant services that require minimal maintenance. We also place plants in spots that receive sufficient light to reduce the need for relocation down the line.

After installation, our technicians come back to maintain the indoor plants, ensuring they thrive and provide high levels of aesthetics. We’ll trim some plants at the end of each season, repot and move them around based upon your request.

Individual plants can be moved around to optimize their placement.

Create a Beautiful Office Space with District Green Plants

Interior and exterior plantscaping is a great way to update the look of your workspace or commercial building. It’s more cost-effective than furniture and has some health and productivity benefits. Our team’s extensive experience leads to delivering you industry-leading results.

Call us today for a biophilic design consultation and to create a beautiful green design that’ll impress customers and keep your employees happy.