Plant leasing

Plants are excellent design elements for offices, restaurants, stores, hotels, corporate events, and public places. They are versatile and attractive and offer a host of benefits, including improving indoor air quality and improving staff productivity and mental health.

However, some business owners are still hesitant to get indoor plants. They are often wary of the hassle of maintenance. Fortunately, District Green Plants offers a plant leasing service that allows you to enjoy the benefits of having indoor plants without the hassle of keeping them healthy yourself.

Plant rental service

Whatever season, business, or design you have in mind that incorporates plants, our team of professional interior plantscapers can help. If you feel you’ll need a change within the next 2-3 years, our plant leasing service will work perfectly.

Our leasing plans start with a term of 2 years. Give us a call to discuss the benefits you will receive with our plant rental services.

The following services are included with our leasing options:


Different plants need different amounts of light and water. Too much or too little water can cause plant problems like slow growth, yellowing leaves, and wilting. Our team knows just the right amount to keep the plants looking great.


A dusty layer limits the leaves from getting enough light and exchanging gases. Dirty leaf surfaces can also increase the risk of diseases and hide insects. Because of this, cleaning plants not only maintains their aesthetics but also their health. Depending on how dusty your space can get, we recommend dusting every month or every two months.


Many indoor plants benefit from pruning to maintain their aesthetics and keep them disease—and pest-free. Pruning can also improve blooming for some plants. Our plant technicians understand how and when to prune your plants for the best results.


Office plants need to be fertilized periodically as they undergo different growth cycles. Moreover, different plants need different nutrients, and our team knows this. We’ll handle the fertilizing process for you so that it’s precise.

Replacement Guarantee

Even the most resilient plants can be fragile. Despite our efforts to maintain and keep them healthy for longer, they can die of old age, become unsightly due to natural causes, or become overgrown. Whatever the case, we give you a replacement guarantee to ensure your space remains as you envisioned it.

Custom plant leasing service

Our team provides a custom plant leasing program for your office. If you’re looking to make a bold or light statement, we’ll help you choose the perfect plants. For your space, we’ll discuss the location and conditions and take the time to understand your vision.

We’ll also send you an estimate of our service for review and ensure we help you get the right plants for your space. For office setups, we’ll present you with plants that suit your interior design or the new aesthetic you’re going for.

Artificial plant leasing

Not everyone wants, or can have, living plants in their space. In such circumstances, replica trees and artificial plants work perfectly. They are made from a variety of faux. Some of the artificial plants you can have include trees, succulents, and green walls.

Although artificial plants still need dusting and cleaning, the maintenance needed is minimal. Like with living plants, you can create a moss wall, an indoor forest, or towering palm trees to increase the depth of your space.

Our designers will work with you to choose the perfect plants and planters for your chosen location. We’ll also help clean the plants and arrangements through our dusting and cleaning program.

Benefits of leasing plants

Leasing plants has numerous benefits for your events, buildings, and offices, including:

Enjoy a fresher environment

Instead of keeping a plant until it dies, leasing from District Green Plants allows you to choose a different periodically change your look up.

Our plant leasing allows you to evolve and brighten your space with different plants at the renewal of each lease term.

Try seasonal plants

Another benefit of our leasing service is that you can add rotational plants. You can get seasonal plants for every season. During summer, you could have Kalanchoes or Crotons, and in winter, you could have white orchids or poinsettias.

No maintenance

With our leasing agreement, you never have to worry about taking care of the plants; our team will handle everything for you. You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to keep the plants in good shape.


Maintaining plants in your indoor space can be costly because of all the equipment and materials you need, like decorative containers. With our plant leasing service, these costs are included in the monthly fee, making it easier to budget and eliminate unexpected expenses.

When professionals maintain plants, they live longer and look better, thereby providing better value for your investment.

Why choose District Green Plants?

You can trust us to be professional and deliver a great plantscaping experience for your event or office.

We connect you with nature

We endeavor to change how entrepreneurs see nature by bringing plants closer to them through our leasing service. As we do this, we promise to deliver only healthy plants to our clients to guarantee sustainability.

Professional plant leasing

Our plant leasing team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have. They’ll first understand your vision for the project and help you fulfill it the best way they know how.

Ready plants

We have plants on standby, ready to be delivered to your office space. You will not have to wait for long to enjoy the benefits.

Work with professional plant rental services

Plant rental services are a stress-free and effective method of improving your commercial space and brightening up your location.

If you’re ready to jump on a plant leasing service, contact District Green Plants at 703-967-1827 for a free initial plant design consultation.