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Introducing greenery and plants to your office or business space can tremendously impact your space’s overall atmosphere and aesthetics. Whether you choose to purchase or lease new plants and containers or contract us to maintain your existing plants, investing in interior plantscaping services can create a welcoming environment for your clients and employees, improve air quality, and even increase productivity.

At District Green Plants, we are dedicated to providing high-quality interior plant services to businesses looking to enhance their spaces and create a more visually appealing environment.

Interior plant lease

Leasing interior plants is a popular option for businesses that want to enjoy the beauty and benefits of greenery without the hassle of owning and maintaining the plants themselves. Here are some of the benefits of leasing our indoor plants:

interior plantscaping hanging plants in wall sconces with golden neon pothos

Low commitment

Leasing interior plants (and/or containers) allows you to enjoy the benefits of plantscaping without the long-term commitment of owning the materials. Leases are perfect if you plan on moving or remodeling in the near future and don’t want to be stuck with plants and containers that no longer fit your space or design.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy having plants, knowing you can do a complete redesign at the end of your lease term. Leases also drastically reduce your upfront costs, which is a great help for those moving from an expensive office move or remodeling.

Expert indoor plant maintenance

When leasing interior plants, you will benefit from our professional plant maintenance services. This service ensures the beautiful plants remain healthy and vibrant through regular watering, fertilizing, pruning, and pest control. These activities can be time-consuming and challenging for non-experts. Even better, our Replacement Guarantee covers all leased plants.


Leasing interior plants can be more cost-effective than buying, especially if you’re looking for many plants. With leasing, the cost is spread out over a specified lease term and includes maintenance, making it a more manageable expense.

District Green Plants offers a range of high-quality interior plants for lease and maintenance services, ensuring you enjoy the benefits of plantscaping without any hassles.

Interior plant purchase and maintenance

planters hanging from ceiling with ferns pothos indoor plants in breakroom

When it comes to interior plant design, some businesses prefer to purchase rather than lease indoor plants.

One of the main benefits of purchasing your plants (and containers) is that you are free to change your plant service provider at any time. 

Suppose you purchased your plants and containers from a different vendor and aren’t satisfied with the level of service or the quality of the plants. In that case, you can contact District Green Plants for a free consultation about changing to our expert service program.


Another benefit of purchasing plants is that recurring monthly costs are greatly reduced. By spending the money upfront, you ensure a lower monthly rate throughout the life cycle of your maintenance contract. This monthly saving can allow you to add to your plant program in the way of rotational items. Orchid and Bromeliad rotations add fresh, vibrant color to your space and are swapped out frequently to ensure an ever-changing, dynamic look.

District Green Plants offers the same maintenance services for businesses that prefer to purchase plants to ensure that the plants are properly cared for and thriving.

Some of our maintenance services include watering, fertilization, pruning, and cleaning to help your plants reach their full potential and ensure they are always looking great.

Plant replacement guarantee

At District Green Plants, we understand that plant care is not always easy, even for experienced professionals. That’s why we offer a green plant replacement guarantee for our interior plant services, including maintenance and purchase options.

Our plant replacement guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing that if any plants under our care fail to thrive, we will replace them promptly and at no additional cost. We take pride in providing our clients with healthy and vibrant plants and are committed to ensuring their ongoing health and longevity.

Whether you lease or purchase your interior plants, our maintenance services ensure that your plants remain healthy and vibrant, adding visual appeal and fresh air to your commercial space. With our plant replacement guarantee, you can trust that our expert team will protect and maintain your plantscaping investment.

Schedule a consultation with District Green Plants

If you’re interested in elevating the look of your property with plantscaping services, we invite you to schedule a consultation with District Green Plants. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to understand your unique needs and provide customized solutions that meet your requirements.

During your consultation, we’ll evaluate your property and make recommendations based on your space, lighting, and preferences. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that we exceed your expectations and create a space that is not only visually appealing but also improves the health and well-being of your employees and customers.

To schedule a consultation, contact us through our website or call us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enhance your property with our exceptional plantscaping services.

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