Holiday Décor

Are you trying to get professional holiday decorations for a commercial building or office space in the Washington DC or Northern Virginia area but don’t know where to start? Whether you say Christmas or Holiday Decorations, District Green Plants is here to help you through this process. We have a dedicated holiday décor team that will guide you every step of the way. We will work within your budget to fulfill your particular needs, transforming your space for the holiday season.

There are many reasons why people take on the delicate and sometimes complicated task of procuring holiday decorations for their offices. Do you genuinely love decorating for the holiday season? Did you volunteer yourself this year because it was just too awkward to forward that email article entitled “How to tell if you’re colorblind” to the person that picked last year’s color scheme? Or maybe, your boss just overheard you say that you decorated your tree at home last year and somehow this is now your thing.

DC commercial holiday decor

Whether you’re a business owner, manage a building or office, or just happen to be tasked with the holiday décor this year, we are here to help. We make the process painless and deliver beautiful, professional results that make you look good.

Life in the Washington, DC area is stressful enough. Leave the stress of commercial holiday decorations to the experts at District Green Plants and focus on doing what you do best. We will design, install, and maintain your office space to make this holiday season easier than ever before!

Holidays decorations for your commercial building

If you’re looking to bring some holiday cheer into your building, then our commercial decorations are just what you need! With an extensive range that includes both indoor and outdoor options as well as traditional items like wreaths or garlands and modern alternatives such as LED strand lights- we have something perfect for every occasion.

Choose from premade designs or have us create a custom design just for you. District Green Plants will lease and install trees, props, scenes, branch displays, wreaths, garland, wall charms, teardrops, live poinsettias, and specialty lighting.

If the holidays don’t suit your culture or aesthetic, don’t worry. We offer a wide variety of secular winter displays for both indoor and outdoor use as well.

It’s hard enough trying to keep up with the seasons, but when they end on a specific date it becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, we offer our services for commercial holiday decorations that includes removal on a specified date. We lease all festive decorations to you, so you do not have to concern yourself with storage space or damage between seasons. Plus, we are constantly updating our inventory to ensure our customers have access to fresh looks and our offerings are always expanding.

Interior holiday decorating

When the holidays come around, one of the best things you can do to make your indoor environment warm and inviting is to put up holiday decorations that really elevate your space. However, designing a memorable holiday display, setting it up, and taking it down can be a glitter-covered nightmare.

This is where District Green Plants’ holiday decorating services come in.

We take care of the designing, storing, installing, and removing. You get the benefit of providing holiday cheer for your coworkers or tenants, without the hassle of everything that goes along with it. We also specialize in helping businesses draw in customers with cheerful holiday decorations that brighten your space and drive foot traffic. From traditional small offices to modern corporate headquarters, to sprawling shopping centers, we serve the finest customers in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia areas. Make having a stress-free holiday your new annual tradition!

Exterior holiday displays

First impressions go a long way!

Everyone says not to judge a book by its cover, but that exterior shell can really draw people in. Your Exterior commercial landscaping can come alive with custom holiday lights and decorations providing curb appeal as people walk and drive by. Whether you want an understated, classic approach with a couple of hung wreaths and garland, or a full-on showstopper with lighting displays and fully decorated trees, District Green Plants has the knowledge, experience, and inventory to rise to the occasion.

When it comes to exterior decorations, early planning is the best holiday present you can give yourself. If you have exterior holiday décor needs, let’s start that conversation today!

Commercial holiday lighting

Washington, DC winters get dark early!

Looking for a way to add some holiday spirit this season? We can help! Holiday light installation services are one of our specialties from interior spaces to exterior properties, and anywhere in between. Professionally designed and installed commercial holiday lighting sets a mood that your staff and visitors will enjoy upon entering your facility.

District Green Plants design consultants are the best in the business. All year long, they are thinking about how holiday light displays at your business will dazzle and impress anyone who sees it. Whether you are trying to create the perfect retail experience or just want a lit display for your building’s lobby, we have a design consultant who can help.

We provide everything from commercial outdoor snowfall lights and twinkle light curtains to large programmable Christmas trees and lit props, such as reindeer and presents. Our overhead, strand lights and programmable RGB lighting can create a destination lighting experience that will activate your indoor or outdoor space. We can also wrap the trunks and branches of your live, exterior trees in LED lights.

If you’re looking for an elegant way to highlight your building during the holidays, then holiday lighting is just what it takes. Our team will design a custom plan that’s sure not only bright but also eye catching!

Whether you’re looking to install lights on your exterior or inside of a building, our professional crews will provide the highest quality holiday installations in the DC Metro Area! Don’t leave this item on your last-minute shopping list. Start the conversation early by calling us today about your lighting needs!

Holiday Decorations for your Washington DC, MD, or VA Building

We get it. You already have a full plate and we’re fairly certain that picking out and coordinating holiday decorations for your entire office isn’t in your job description. Not to worry because holiday décor is definitely in ours!

You deserve to have your commercial holiday décor needs met by the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in Washington, DC. District Green Plants provides custom holiday decorating services that will make any business or building shine brilliantly for the holiday season!

If you’re looking for a creative design consultation with an artistic twist, look no further. Our talented team of consultants are excited to share their passion and give your commercial space the makeover that it deserves! We offer a variety of holiday decorations to suit any taste, from traditional Christmas trees and wreaths through elegant secular winter displays.

The season of giving is finally here! Let us help you deck your halls with some decorations this year. We offer a wide variety for all types of businesses, big or small in any industry – we’ll make it happen and give them an eye-catching look that will bring joy to everyone who sees it. Our Washington, DC, Northern VA, and Rockville customers include:

  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Arenas
  • Retail – Shopping Centers, Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings/Lobbies
  • Small Offices/Tenant Spaces
  • Secure/Government Buildings
  • And numerous other commercial locales

Our team of experts will come to your location and discuss what you’re looking for. We have years of experience with all aspects related to home decorations, including color schemes or themes – let us help inspire your indoor or outdoor holiday display.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect theme for your space, our in-house team works to create your custom decor. From there, installation is quick and painless!

Hiring a professional to design your space is the best way to enjoy a stress-free holiday experience. You deserve nothing less than perfection and our professional team will provide it, without any hassle or fuss for you!

The holidays will be here before you know it. Call District Green Plants about your custom commercial decorations and let our professionals become part of your new holiday tradition.