Rockville interior plantscaping

When opening a new office space or renovating an existing one, the focus is often on architecture and interior design. Many people forget biophilic design, and when they do, it’s often an afterthought. But this shouldn’t be the case since plants create an inviting atmosphere and reduce stress, improving the overall image of your office and brand.

To achieve these benefits, interior plantscaping should be done by a professional. District Green Plants has a professional team that uses indoor plants to create an inviting space for visitors, employees, and clients. 

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Rockville Plantscaping Services

We believe every client’s property should be unique. As such, we strive to provide custom and equally unique interior plantscaping solutions to our clients. Some of the solutions we offer include:

Design and Installation

We’ll work with you to create a beautiful plant design that compliments your overall indoor space and décor. Our consultations include detailed proposals that consider your employees and target customers.

Once we settle on a design for your professional offices, our skilled and trained team handles the installation. Whether the project is large or small, we will handle it with professionalism, ensuring no damage comes to your space.


Most people shy away from interior plantscaping for its ongoing maintenance needs. However, we can help you choose plants that need little maintenance. We also provide ongoing maintenance services to help keep the plants healthy and the overall design beautiful.

Our maintenance service includes fertilizing, watering, pest control, pruning, soil maintenance, and plant replacement as often as needed.

Living Walls

Living green walls and indoor gardens are bound to be a striking feature in your commercial space. We’ll help you choose the best plants for your green wall design and provide special care to keep them healthy.

Plant Leasing

If you’d rather not commit to buying your plants because of the associated costs or maintenance, District Green Plants offers plant leasing services for commercial buildings. With this office plant service, you can enjoy the best indoor plants have to offer without needing to worry about maintenance. 

Basics of Indoor Plantscaping

Like interior design, interior plantscaping has principles that guide it. Adhering to these principles and infusing some creativity based on space achieves remarkable results. These basics include:


Before plant selection for your commercial offices, our team will consider the size of your space and whether tall plants or potted plants would be most complimentary. Sometimes, an extremely large plant will overwhelm your space, while a small plant may look out of place.


The shape of a plant and how it fills a space are also essential. Plants can be vase-shaped, pyramidal, round, or columnar.


How fine or coarse the surface of a plant feels or looks determines whether it makes it to your space or not. Some plants are fuzzy, others are strappy, and others are bold and spiky. We have to consider how these textures contrast with the general design.

If you have a wall with multiple windows, mixing different leaves can create a passage throughout the space. For potted plants, using the same decorative containers helps to amplify the foliage type.


Color combinations can either throw the interior plantscaping design into chaos or pull it together. This applies to colored planters and decorative planters. If you love color, we can discuss complementary colors that enhance your office’s existing decor..


The repeated use of plants can create a sequence or pattern. However, how you choose to approach this largely depends on your taste and preferences. If you don’t fancy using the same plant throughout your space, choose plants with similar shapes but varying textures and sizes.

Benefits of Interior Plantscaping

Aside from aesthetics, interior plantscaping offers multiple benefits, including:

Better Air Quality

Generally, indoor air quality is lower compared to outdoor air. This is because adhesives, clothing, and paints carry toxins that permeate indoor air. Over time, indoor air quality is reduced, but live plants filter the harmful pollutants and release oxygen. Interior plants help to reduce the levels of benzene and formaldehyde.

Noise Reduction

If you’d like to reduce noise inside your space, plants can help. The leaves, branches, stems, and wood absorb sound, reducing distracting noise from phone chatter, printers, and HVAC systems. Green walls are a great option for this.

Reduces Stress

Working in enclosed spaces can make employees feel trapped. Adding plants helps to liven the space and improve their productivity. It does this by relaxing the mind and putting the body at ease.

Rockville Interior Plantscaping with District Green Plants

District Green Plants has the experienced team you need to help you reap the benefits of indoor plantscaping in your Rockville office building. We are dedicated to indoor plantscaping and always create custom solutions with real or artificial plants.


We also offer maintenance services at competitive prices. Whether it’s for a property you manage, an office space, or an office building, our team will deliver quality. Contact us today for a consultation and guidance on interior plantscaping.