Alexandria interior plantscaping

Many people often discuss plants in the context of global warming. While the role of plants in counteracting global warming cannot be ignored, it shouldn’t overshadow their beauty and benefits for commercial spaces in Alexandria, VA.

A creative interior plant décor can improve the working and shopping experience for employees and customers, benefiting the company on both fronts. However, to realize such benefits, you need to work with a professional and experienced interior plantscaper like District Green Plants.

Our interior landscaping professionals will design, arrange, and care for the indoor plants and live walls ensuring a top-notch experience and service.

Key design elements of our interior landscape projects

Aside from planning, lighting, and color, District Green Plants discusses and follows several rules in interior plantscaping projects:


The ceiling height and area of the room determine the sizes of plants we recommend. Overly large plants can be too much for a space, while small potted plants can disappear in large spaces.


Plant shapes are generally split into:

  • Thrillers – these are tall plants
  • Fillers – these are mounding and round plants
  • Spillers – these are plants that hang over the sides of planters

When grouping, our plantscapers consider these shapes to fill different spaces in your office


Is the plant spiky, coarse, or smooth? Are the leaves flat or thick? The perfect mix of texture, either in contrast or blending, provides stunning results.


We use cool and warm color combinations like web designers to achieve varied visual impacts.


Our skilled plantscaper in Alexandria, Northern Virginia, place plants in spots they’ll grow, add optimal beauty, and remain stable. We find these spots for plants based on their characteristics. Moreover, we’ll advise on which plants are pet friendly, and which need lots of light, less light and/or a lot of water.


We are keen on the selection of plants to create symmetry and focal points in your commercial indoor and outdoor space.


Our plantscaping services are ideal even for people in Washington, DC, who’ve never taken care of plants. Our landscape maintenance service includes regular watering, trimming, relocation and replacement.

Alexandria interior plantscaping benefits

Plants That Improve Air Quality in Your Office

Air quality is a major concern for people working in large cities since pollution is common. Plants can help rid the air of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, benzene, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and other pollutants. In the long run, the employees will be more engaged, energized, and less prone to respiratory issues and breathing disorders for individuals with allergies.

Plantscapes Save Money on Utilities

Plants constantly release moisture into the air through transpiration, a process that can warm or cool indoor spaces. Studies show that plants can cool a room’s temperature by 10 degrees. It’s also worth noting that a humid office space feels warmer because the moist air traps heat. Therefore, in winter, businesses will set their thermostats lower, consequently saving on energy bills.

Beautiful Buildings and Office Space

Some commercial buildings in Alexandria, VA, lack strong architectural features. Interior landscaping can improve the perception of your building’s architecture, including:

  • Making the building’s design appear more cohesive
  • Distracting customers and employees from undesirable spaces
  • Complementing the flow of the building
  • Shifting the building’s focal point to plants and green walls

Boosts Business

Your customers should feel bored or stressed when they visit your offices. Engaging them with interior plantscaping can make the business feel familiar and welcoming, influencing them to do more business with you. District Green Plants interior plantscaping generates more business for you by:

  • Giving a great first impression
  • Having attractive sitting areas
  • Directing the flow of customer traffic
  • Gets rid of a sterile environment

Hire District Green Plants to Revamp Your Commercial Space

District Green Plants will work hard to ensure you yield these benefits. We are dedicated to converting commercial spaces into spaces of beautiful green art that reflect your company’s style. Working with our interior landscape professionals, you don’t need design or plant experience. We’ll help you create a perfect design for your business using quality plants that can thrive in your space.

Moreover, we offer maintenance services and accurate project estimates to avoid inconveniences. Contact us for a free consultation and more information on our interior plantscaping services.