Arlington interior plantscaping

Interior plantscaping, which is also known as interior landscaping relates to interior decorating. It especially focuses on indoor plants and containers within offices and buildings. At District Green Plants, we design, arrange and provide maintenance for plants in commercial buildings.

So, if you reside in Arlington Virginia, you can rely on us to incorporate nature into your businesses. That’s because we have a clear grasp of color, horizons, focal points, angles, and sculptural elements. Such details matter significantly to every professional interior plantscaper.

We offer businesses a wide range of services, but that mostly depends on your interior design needs. Here are some of the plantscaping services we offer.

Arlington plantscaping services

Monthly replacements

Your indoor plants must be changed out each month if you want to keep them looking fresh, orderly, and well-manicured. To ensure that the interiors of your building reflect the current season and design trends, we can also supply you with a choice of seasonal flowers.

Cleaning and maintaining

Your plants may grow dusty or muddy with everyday watering. But if you use a professional service, you won’t need to clean, weed, or be concerned about the health of the plants. As an alternative, you can choose between weekly and monthly maintenance services.

We’ll send a member of the District Green Plants staff to your premises to clean your inside planters. To maintain healthy plants, our staff carefully cultivates and aerates the soil inside your planters.

Selecting a variety of plants

Enjoy a range of plant and leaf designs that complement the external and interior architecture of your building. You can select from a range of plants all year long to suit your interests, whether you want blooms at your entryway to welcome guests or you prefer to keep to thick foliage.

Watering and pruning

For indoor plants to look healthy and complement your office, they need to be regularly watered. Additionally, pruning services are necessary from time to time. Fortunately, our company provides weekly watering and pruning to keep the plants looking pristine. Our staff will also collect any dead leaves from the planters.

Shining foliage

Indoor plants not only add a hint of nature to buildings but also complement their aesthetics. Our interior plantscaping services also entail shining foliage. Herein, we ensure that the eaves are healthy, bright, and shining. And this is a task that you can hardly accomplish on your own; hence, the need to hire professional plantscapers.

What Should You Expect From Us?

Once you call us for plantscaping services, we’ll show up at your commercial property as soon as possible. Our staff will assess your needs and determine the best plants to incorporate into your office.

After placing the necessary plants, we also schedule regular visits to ensure we take proper care of your plants. When we send our staff to your premises, here’s what they do:

Contact District Green Today

Now that you know what we offer, we can work together to develop a green design that suits your premises. Most importantly, we’ll help you choose the plants that best suit your setting. That’s because indoor plants rely heavily on the temperature, lighting, and traffic in your office.

As such, we’ll help you pick plants that will thrive within your setting. Notably, some plants require lots of light to remain healthy and vibrant. For such plants, we’ll ensure to place them closer to windows. Moreover, we’ll select the right variety, such as croton and Marginata.