How to pick the right Christmas tree for your business

When the holidays approach, businesses look to transform their spaces into winter wonderlands. The holiday decorations help to spread the holiday spirit to customers and employees alike. You’d like a Christmas tree as your centerpiece, but you’re wondering how to pick the right tree for your business.

The tree’s shape and height should complement your office space. To get these qualities right, consider the ceiling clearance in your office and customer traffic.

District Green Plants is an expert when it comes to holiday decor and specialty lighting. We can help you transform your office space into a winter wonderland during the holiday season.

Should you put up a Christmas tree in your office?

Yes, however, you should ensure that the decoration doesn’t impose cultural or religious beliefs on others. Recognize that not everyone views the tree as a neutral symbol. If you respect these boundaries and decorate with inclusivity, having a Christmas tree in the office can be a delightful addition.

Before setting up a tree, it might be beneficial to seek feedback from employees. Their insights can guide a more inclusive decorating approach, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and valued.

If you decide to go ahead with the tree, you should also consider its placement. A communal area where everyone can enjoy it without it being overwhelming or obstructive is ideal.

Remember, the goal is to spread holiday cheer without unintentionally alienating anyone. Approach the decision with empathy and understanding, creating a festive atmosphere everyone can appreciate.

Should I choose a real or artificial Christmas Tree for my office building?

According to expert Ryan Kincaid at District Green Plants, when decorating a commercial space for the holidays, always use an artificial tree. Using a real tree within an office space only acts as kindling from an insurance perspective. It will also create issues for employees and customers with allergies and act as a latrine for service animals.

What is the best height for a Christmas tree in your business?

The ideal height for a Christmas tree is 7 – 7.5 feet. This height works in spaces with standard-height ceilings (8-9 feet high).

If your space has a different ceiling height, use the following chart for guidance:

  • For small spaces or tabletops, – Below 6 feet
  • Spaces with below-standard ceilings: 6 – 6.5 feet
  • Spaces with high ceilings: 8 – 9 feet
  • Vaulted ceilings and public spaces: 10 – 14 feet
  • A tall Christmas tree for a grand display: 15 – 30 feet

If your ceiling height isn’t covered above, you can measure your ceiling height with a measuring tape and then:

  • If you intend to have a tree topper, subtract 12 inches from the ceiling height
  • But if not using a topper, you need only subtract 6 inches from the ceiling height

What is the best shape for a Christmas tree?

The iconic triangular-shaped profile is a favorite for many. This shape emulates the natural silhouette of trees, with a broad base that narrows gracefully towards the top. Full-shaped trees display well in large areas.

Other Christmas tree options include the narrow, pencil option, making it the perfect tree for smaller spaces. If you’d like to free up even more space and want a minimalist theme, pencil-shaped tree options are better. Flatback tree options give the illusion of a full profile tree but take up half the space.

What is the best material for realistic Christmas trees?

The inner branches closer to the truck of a realistic Christmas tree are made from durable PVC, while the outer tips are made from high-quality molded PE plastic. The PE plastic is meticulously designed to mimic the appearance of genuine evergreen needles.

The ratio of material used in a Christmas tree varies depending on the desired level of realism. The most realistic trees have 65% PE foliage with PVC foliage closer to the truck for a full look. Realistic options have 65% PE foliage with a mixture of PVC to balance cost and realism. Finally, traditional Christmas trees are made with PVC foliage.

Would you buy a pre-decorated Christmas tree?

Pre-lit trees are perfect for businesses seeking convenience during the festive rush. They streamline the setup process, allowing you to dive into the joy of decorating. On the other hand, unlit trees cater to the creative souls, offering the liberty to select light colors, bulb sizes, and even the arrangement, ensuring a unique touch to your festive centerpiece.

If you get a pre-lit Christmas tree, you should budget for 100 string lights for every foot of your tree. You might need twice or thrice this amount if you need it to be brighter and more intense.

What type of Christmas tree lights are best?

LED lights are preferred because they are more durable, efficient, and produce less heat. But if you want a traditional look, many people think, incandescent lights are better.

The warm and soft flicker of incandescent bulbs evokes memories of past Christmases, adding a sentimental touch to your holiday décor. The good news is, you can have the best of both worlds as LED lights come in a wide array of light temperatures and bulb housings that mimic the soft glow of traditional incandescents without the energy waste or hassle of trying to find that one burnt-out bulb.

How long do artificial Christmas trees last

Artificial Christmas trees can last between 10 and 15 years when they’re well-maintained. Since they are a long-term investment, you should pick a tree that resonates with your festive vision and aesthetic.

Although they are designed to last, the quality of materials used can affect how many Christmases an artificial tree serves you, and storing the tree in a cool and dry place and its original packaging helps prolong its life.

What is the best color for a Christmas tree?

The ideal color for a Christmas tree largely hinges on personal preferences and the desired festive ambiance. Although the classic natural green remains a perennial favorite, there’s a growing trend towards unconventional hues. White, black, silver, and red are gaining popularity.

White trees exude a winter wonderland vibe, providing a blank canvas that allows decorations to pop, especially colorful ornaments. But for those seeking a modern and chic aesthetic, black and silver trees offer a unique and sophisticated backdrop to metallic and minimalist decorations.

Bold choices like red or blue trees can make a statement, especially in contemporary settings or themed parties. They’re perfect for those looking to break the mold and introduce a fun element to their festive decor.

Work with District Green Plants

Picking a Christmas tree is an important step in preparing for the holidays, but it is just a small portion of creating the optimal holiday scene befitting your company. To create holiday décor that resonates with your target customers and employees, contact the professionals from District Green Plants.

We are experienced in working with Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, and inclusive winter holiday displays. , Contact us today for a consultation on how to best handle your commercial holiday décor.

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