When should I reach out to start planning my holiday decorations?

Business is booming during the holidays, but to get a chunky slice of the cake, you’ve got to set yourself apart with creative and unique marketing. Part of doing this is setting up holiday decorations. So, it’s great that you’re thinking about holiday décor, but when should you reach out to start planning your holiday decorations?

It’s never too early to get started on your holiday décor planning. In fact, 70% of our clients sign their holiday décor contracts before the end of July, reaping the benefits of both design variety and costs.

But how exactly does early planning translate into these benefits? What strategies can you adopt for efficient and effective decoration planning?

Reasons to decorate your business for the holidays

Holiday decorations do more than just add festive cheer; they serve a strategic purpose in the business world. Here are some reasons why decking your business halls with boughs of holly can be beneficial.

Highlight your business

By adding holiday decor to your business, you create a visual spectacle that can be a powerful attention grabber. A well-decorated storefront can lure in passing shoppers who might otherwise have strolled past without noticing your business. Whether it’s twinkling fairy lights, an elegant holiday wreath on the door, or the iconic tree topper glinting from your window, holiday decorations can make your business stand out. Be sure to contact us for your commercial holiday decorations.

Get more customers

A decorated business is often perceived as welcoming, attracting more foot traffic. In the spirit of the holiday season, customers are likely to spend extra time in stores that exude warmth and cheer, resulting in increased sales.

Holiday decorations might also stimulate impulse purchases, particularly if you creatively display products as part of your decor. For instance, a holiday tree can double as a display for product ornament hangers, sparking a shopper’s interest and possibly adding an extra item to their shopping list.

Employees benefit too

The benefits of holiday decor are not just customer-facing; your employees gain from it too. Holiday decorations can boost employee morale and productivity by infusing a sense of joy and anticipation. The shared experience of decorating the office can foster team bonding and create a sense of belonging. Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy working in a place brimming with holiday cheer?

Connect with the community

Finally, decorating your business for the holidays allows you to connect with the local community meaningfully. It’s a chance to join in on the larger celebration happening around you, echoing the communal harmony of the season. Participating in local decoration contests or sponsoring a community holiday event can also be a great way to network and raise your brand’s local profile.

What are all the holidays to decorate for?

When we think of holiday decorations, our minds usually turn to the winter holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. However, there are many more holidays and events throughout the year that you can decorate for. Here are some of them:

  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Halloween
  • First Day of Fall
  • Labor Day
  • Back-to-School
  • Independence Day
  • Father’s Day
  • First Day of Summer
  • Memorial Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • First Day of Spring
  • Good Friday and Easter Sunday
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Super Bowl
  • New Year’s Day

You can also consider local holidays your town observes or your customers celebrate. While some holidays cut across the board, some depend on your business type and target customer demographic. It’s important to respect the diversity of your customers while still tapping into the fun and festive spirit that holiday decorations can bring.

When should I start putting up my Christmas decorations?

According to traditional customs, many people start putting up Christmas decorations on the first day of Advent. This is on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

However, this is just one guideline, and many people or businesses choose to start decorating before or after this period based on their holiday traditions or practical considerations. Some prefer to begin right after Thanksgiving to maximize the festive period, while others may wait until closer to Christmas.

How to decorate your business for Christmas?

Some ways to transform your business for Christmas are:

Hang candy canes

Candy canes are quintessentially Christmas. Hang them around your business premises, like on tree branches or door handles, to add a sweet and festive touch.

Decorate cubicles with snowflakes

Snowflakes create a whimsical winter wonderland atmosphere. Hang paper or glitter snowflakes from the ceiling or stick them on windows. For a fun team-building activity, consider having a snowflake-making session with your staff.

Enhance the office lobby with colorful objects

Your lobby is the first thing visitors see, so make it colorful. This could include a Christmas tree decked with colorful ornaments, a festive rug, or a display of brightly wrapped faux presents.

Transform desks into gingerbread houses

Why not turn each workstation into a festive gingerbread house? Use cardboard, paper, and other craft materials to create roofs, walls, and candy decorations. It’s a fun and festive way to bring a little holiday cheer to the workday.

Hang Christmas boots on the walls

Christmas boots or stockings are a classic decoration. Hang them along walls or across windows for a cozy, traditional touch.

Make a snowman

If you’re lucky enough to have real snow, why not build a snowman outside your business? If not, a life-sized cardboard or inflatable snowman can also add a playful touch.

Decorate the door with a Christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath is a welcoming sight on any door. Consider a traditional green one, or get creative with materials like baubles, candy canes, or office supplies for a unique touch.

Cover the ceiling with stars

Hanging stars from the ceiling can create a magical night sky effect. Use stars of different sizes and perhaps add twinkling fairy lights or LED lights for a truly enchanting atmosphere.

When decorating your business for Christmas, the sky’s the limit. Let your creativity shine.

Why should I consult a professional holiday decorator?”

Professional decorators like District Green Plants are trained in design principles like scale, unity, space planning, and color scheme. These principles guide them in creating a balanced, visually appealing design and harmony with your space. They can expertly tie together various elements of your holiday decorations, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Modern professional decorators can do more than just put up a pretty display. They’re skilled in using smart devices and technology to add a dynamic element to your holiday decor.

Not to mention, holiday decorating can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re aiming for a grand or intricate display. A professional decorator can handle all aspects of the job, freeing you to focus on other holiday tasks. They’re also equipped to handle the installation of decorations in high or hard-to-reach places, ensuring your safety.

Hire District Green Plants

Navigating the holiday season requires careful planning and preparation, especially when decorating your business. By keeping key factors in mind, such as timing, the choice of holidays to decorate for, and the unique benefits of professional decoration services, you can make the most of the holiday spirit and enhance your business’s appeal.

Looking to create an unforgettable holiday décor experience? Look no further than District Green Plants. With our extensive knowledge of holiday decor and a keen eye for design, we can transform your space into a masterpiece. We’re here to take the stress out of your holiday decoration planning and help you make your business a go-to destination this holiday season.

Contact District Green Plants today, and let’s bring your holiday vision to life!

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